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You'll feel better about investing in a product when you know that it came from a top-notch manufacturer. SAND Profile Inc. takes pride in offering full transparency to our clients, so you know exactly who you're working with.

Our company started in 1983 in Stockstadt, Germany and has since opened plants in North America, Asia and Europe. With our specialized knowledge of how to mold elastomers (rubbers) and thermoplastics into high-quality sealants, you can be sure that you're getting top-notch products. Place your order today.

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Our international team of highly motivated professionals is eager to assist you in finding the product that meets your needs. You won't want to miss out on working with us when you hear that we...

  1. Bring over 38 years of experience to creating our products.
  2. Use up-to-date, in-house machinery and a standardized system for quick and high-quality manufacturing.
  3. Offer quick response times and a wide range of customization options to each client.

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