Driver's/Operator's Cabs

SAND Profile Inc. develops and produces complete ready-to-install sealing systems for cabs of construction and agricultural machines. In addition, we design and construct prototypes, which we develop up to production maturity. We handle small-scale orders like large projects and they are developed precisely to your specifications and needs. Our raw materials, and of course the final product, are customized to your requirements, this of course includes different types of materials (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer EPDM, Polychloroprene CR, Nitrile rubber NBR, Polyvinyl-chloride PVC, Thermoplastic Vulcanisate TPV).

Commercial Vehicles

Today's commercial vehicles demand sealing systems that can adapt to the rapid evolution in this field of transportation and also incorporate the existing wide-ranging varieties. Whether sealing profiles are needed for cab doors, windows or box/semi-trailers, SAND Profile Inc. offers a large variety of products for all applications as well as customized needs. They are of the highest quality and available at competitive prices. Of course, the ever-increasing demands in regard to closing forces, wind noise and resistance are considered in their development.

Recreational Vehicles

SAND Profile Inc. works in partnership with the entire american RV and motorhome industry, providing sealing systems for cab and caravan doors. In addition to the doors, we develop and produce sealing profiles for roof hatches, supply hatches, hoods and rear doors. In order to help prevent the seals from sticking through freezing and eliminate frictional noise, they are increasingly being provided with an anti-friction coating during the online process. It is also possible to coat the rubber seals with flock or fabric.

Industrial Applications

The global control unit and enclosure industry, mechanical engineering--with its wide-ranging sectors--and the increasingly important green industry, uses SAND Profile Inc. products. Of course, for these industries, we also constantly develop special sealing systems and technical solutions. We produce a uniform quality worldwide.

Railway Vehicles

SAND Profile Inc. offers a comprehensive portfolio of sealing systems and profiles for the entire rail-bound transportation industry. Whether locomotives or railway cars, whether streetcars or subways, we offer suitable seals for each category of railway system. We adhere to industry standards (such as DIN 5510, NF F 16-101 (French fire protection standard), BS 6853 (British fire protection standard), VDI 6022 microbial inertness, DBL 5571.20 + DBL 5571.30, Fiat 55297, FMVSS 302). It is possible to customize profiles into ready-to-install, glued, welded or vulcanized frames and rings. The most modern cutting and vulcanization machines are at your disposal.