Sealing Gaskets

Description: cover edges, seal against water and dust, noise, wind, cover up tolerances

Technical Capability: Flock, Butyl, Slipcoat, Printing, Drill Holes, broken or unbroken Carrier, Injection Moulding, Cold Bond, WENO, Rings, Frames, Customized Length with or without miter cutting, nodges

Edge Protectors

Description: covering edges for protection, and decorative; consist of a U-shaped metal base, either a steel strip or wire carrier imbedded in PVC or rubber

Technical Capability: Butyl, Wire or Steel Carrier

Window Rubber & Locking Channels

Description: Actually everywhere where windows are used. Windows that (cannot) be moved. Front windows of cabins, rear windows of cabins, etc. Important: these cannot be moved, not up and down, not opened, not shifted.

Technical Capability: Flock, Slipcoat, Printing, Injection Moulding


Description: Can be used anywhere, e.g. to seal large generators, for the entire RV industry, golf cart manufacturers, tractors with over 500PS (e.g. bonnet seal) - can really be used anywhere

Technical Capability: Slipcoat, Butyl, Taping, Injection Moulding


Description: "Electro-Conductive Profiles" - can shield electromagnetic waves, and are used for generators and battery boxes, for example

Technical Capability: Steel or Wire Carrier

Co-Extruded Sealing Gaskets without Carrier

Description: are either "plugged in" or provided with tape. are very similar to the function of E-Series.

Technical Capability: Flock, Butyl, Slipcoat, Taping, Weno, Injection Moulding

Combined Profiles

Description: similar to Co-Extruded Gaskets, here we offer some cross-sections

Technical Capability: Butyl, Carrier, Injection Moulding